The German occupation and the persecution of the Jews

The Jewish Anne Frank was born in Germany in 1929. It is an important person in Dutch history. Already shortly after the birth of Anne Frank family came out that life for German Jews in this epoch was more and more unbearable. The Germans wanted an explanation and a solution to their financial problems. The Jews were to blame.

The Jews had only relatively recently many rights they never had first. All Jews still lived a few centuries ago separated from the rest of the population. They lived in ghettos. They were allowed to many professions not exercising and were allowed to call itself is not a citizen. Thanks to different emancipation movements were the Jews eventually recognized as citizens and if they are between the rest of the population lives. They were allowed to all occupations that they wanted and were very influential. After all these years in isolation they did their very best to tackle every chance they got. Many Jews studied at the University and founded companies that made a lot of profit.

In this epoch many Germans thought that the emancipation of the Jews was the cause of the financial crisis. Also they thought they could solve the problems by the rights of the Jews again. Jews were no longer allowed. Their citizenship was revoked and they were not allowed to trade more driving with non-Jews. Calls to build new ghettos so they all could live in isolation. More and more people started to hate the Jews. These Jews hate we call anti-Semitism.

This was the reason that Otto Frank took his family to Netherlands. They moved to Amsterdam in 1933 and he could continue his company here in Netherlands. They were happy that they had been able to flee Germany. Germany had the anti-Semitic Hitler as a leader chosen. Hitler didn't only hate Jews. He also wanted to conquer area to Germany. In 1939 the Germans had conquered Poland. Here they opened the first ghetto. Many Jews were taken from their homes and moved to a small, enclosed area of the city.

To help Poland shot abroad. The United Kingdom and France declared war on Germany. Germany made friends with Italy and Japan. But when they came they wanted to conquer Norway in combat with the British. They won this fight and felt that they could conquer the rest of Europe. On May 10, 1940 Germany Netherlands fell within. Netherlands surrendered when they had bombed Rotterdam on 14 May.

Now the Jews were also persecuted in Netherlands. The Frank family could not be more flights to safe area. They had to hide. They hid in the secret annex, behind the Office of the company by Otto Frank. However, they were found and transported to a concentration camp in 1944. Here were the Jews not only imprisoned, but also murdered. Only father Frank has survived.

World War II ended with help from America. They fell to the Germans in France and fought against the Japanese. Europe was pretty easy to conquer back. The Americans, British and Russians worked well together and were much too strong for the Germans. The Japanese surrendered, however, not so easy. Therefore tried America a new invention. It was the most terrible invention of history. They threw nuclear bombs on Heroshima and Nagasaki. The cities were completely destroyed and Japan surrendered. Peace was signed in 1945.


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