Hofstelsel and serfdom

For the farmers changed much when the Western Roman Empire had fallen. While they are in the Roman Empire part of society, they were now forgotten or suppressed. In the Roman Empire made it for the food supply of all Romans. In the epoch of the Knights and monks they lived mainly autarkic. This means that they lived by the food they grew and that they do not trade drove. There could also be no longer acted because the Roman coin nothing was worth more. Also, the production. They had in the time of the Romans to use the Roman techniques to work the land. But now there is no more were Romans, was editing the country a lot harder and there was little food.

In the fourth century, the agricultural production to a low point. Many farmers were also attacked by strange tribes. This meant a big change in history. Indeed, many farmers were forced to leave their countries and help and protection from large landlords. These landlords had their country for loan received from the King. So the Lords were actually. Such a feudal Lord lived mostly in the center of his country. His house was the main farmhouse. Back to the main farm were all kinds of workshops and warehouses. For example, there was usually a flour mill, a forge, a brewery and a weaving mill. The Center was called vroonhof. It also heard what pasture, what arable land and unexplored ground, such as forest or hei. He kept this country. The rest of the country borrowed Dante to the farmers who came to him for help. This country was called the hooves country.

On the hooves country worked in this epoch both lovemaking as serfs. The free were free farmers. They often had private lands. But sometimes they dating the land on which they worked. This lease was mostly part of the harvest. Also they paid their rent by to provide services on the vroon country. Also they had to fulfill a service duty. To do this, they had to pay their weapons themselves.

Serfs had no service. There were in the seventh and eighth century ever more lovemaking that serfs their freedom and were. They got in exchange of their services and harvest protection of Dante. But the serfs had few rights. They were required to remain on the land to live and work. Also their children had this duty. Dante usually left his country and the serfs to his children.

The King did not give all his country on loan to Lords. Some parts he kept for himself. These estates called Crown estates. The King travelled with his court along these domains. On this Crown the King had Palatinate build domains. These are castles in which the King with his court resided. Some of the Palatinate from the history still exist as big cities. These are Aachen and Nijmegen. This Palatinate are built by Charlemagne.


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