The privacy of visitors on is very important to us. We realize also that the confidentiality of personal data is important to you. Down here we indicate what types of information we collect and what we use this information for.

About cookies

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files that your preferences while browsing remember and store it on your own computer. A cookie only remembers your preferences and your interests based on your surfing habits, so don't hold your name, address, age or other personal information.

Where are cookies used for? makes sure you with cookies when visiting our site does not need to enter the same information repeatedly or. In this way we make browsing our website easier.

What cookies are placed (and by whom) when visiting

Functional cookies:

For the proper functioning of our website we place our own cookies on your computer to determine if you are logged in and to the products in your shopping cart to remember.

Social cookies:

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google +, places cookies on your computer to our website or products to share on their platform. The implications for your privacy of these cookies vary by social network and are depending on your privacy settings on these networks.

Cookies for anonymous visitor statistics: uses cookies to analyze visitors stats via Google Analytics: number of visitors to our website, technology used (eg. Mac or Windows, with which we can identify problems when our site is not working properly), time spent on the website or pages visited. This helps us to continually improve our Web site. This anonymous statistics also tell how people come on this website (eg. via a search engine) and whether they have visited the website previously.

Third party cookies:

We show advertisements of third parties on (for example, from Google Adsense). Some of these advertisers use technology such as cookies and Web beacons when they advertise on our site.

As a result, these sites also collect information such as your IP address, your ISP, your browser and sometimes whether you have flash installed. This information can for example be used for geo-targeting (e.g. jobs in Amsterdam for people from Amsterdam) or for example for ads based on the sites that you have previously visited (e.g. cooking commercials if you do a lot of cooking sites)

Can I disable cookies?

Disabling cookies affects only the computer and the browser on which you perform this operation. If you use multiple computers and/or browsers you will need to repeat this operation as many times as necessary. Below you can read how to turn off cookies in your browser: