The spread of Christianity in the low countries

In the epoch of the year 500 to 1000 happened much in the field of religion. The two largest religions that the world now knows themselves. It can also hardly else that these two religions against each other. They wanted to both increase their area and met in Spain and Eastern Europe. These two religions are Islam and Christianity.

Christianity was at the beginning of the early Middle Ages already reasonably located across Europe. In the Roman Empire was this religion: State religion. This was in the area where they had prevailed all mandatory Christian. Islam at the beginning of this period was not even born. Islam is a relatively young religion. It originated only in the year 610. This was the year in which the Prophet Mohammad received his first revelation. He quickly gained many followers. These followers called themselves Muslims. In the beginning the Muslims were persecuted. Just as the Christians. But it was not long before the great leaders of the Middle East would convert to Islam.

But while the Roman Catholic Church still certain rules of faith to which the Christians had to keep, it happened that the Islam is not. The Islamic countries were ruled by a Caliph. The Caliph had little to say about the content of the faith.

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire the Roman Catholic bishops were the boss in the big cities. As a result, only a King could take power if he got the support of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore it permitted King Clovis was baptized. He was the first Frankish king who became a Christian. And because he is baptized grew also Christianity in his country. The Pope thought it very important that as many people as possible were Christian. For this reason he sent missionaries to the countries where there are still few people were baptized. These missionaries were mostly Irish monks. The Irish monks told not just about Jesus, (the most important person in Christianity) but also about the main principles of Christianity. These were: celibacy, poverty and obedience.

The main monk of the history was Willibrord. Willibrord came into Ireland to northern Netherlands's 690. He lived near Utrecht and has many Dutchmen converted to Christian. Below were also many noblemen. As a nobleman or Knight converted the Catholic Church could build a monastery on his country. Willibrord tried as much as possible, therefore nobles to repent.

There were many young men living in the monasteries. This was the best way for them to exercise their new faith. They were celibate monks. This meant that they would never marry. In the monastery the men learned to read and write. Most people at that time could not do this. The monks duplicates many old books. In the eighth century there a lot of books were copied. At this time was Charles the great King of Western Europe. That's why we call the time when so many books were copied the Carolingian renaissance.

In the ninth and tenth centuries in the Middle East were also written many books. The Muslims had a lot of philosophy books from history stored. These came mainly from the time of the ancient Greeks. They translated these books in Arabic and Latin.


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