Period 4

Time of cities and states

Have you ever heard of the separation between church and state? In the middle ages this did not exist yet. The Pope was more powerful than the emperor.

Period 4 Time of cities and states

The battle between church and state

It will happen To you. You're four years old. You can only just talk and you'll be crowned king. In history, this was quite common.

Period 5

Time of explorers and reformers

History is shaped by discoveries and reforms. But there is only one period that can be called the time of the explorers and reformers.

Period 6 Time of regents and princes

Civil governance and urban culture in the Netherlands

In the era of the golden age there was a displacement of power. The church had had the most power for a long time. Now the citizens were allowed to rule.

Period 7 Time of wigs and revolutions

The pursuit of fundamental rights and the political influence of the citizenry in the French and Batavian Revolution

What would you do if you were the boss of the Netherlands? In history there have been many people who wanted absolute rule over the Netherlands.


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