Period 3 Time of monks and knights

The relationship between lord and vassal

Nowadays it is polite to call a man a 'gentleman'. In the past, few men were a gentleman.

Period 8 Time of citizens and steam engines

The emergence of a parliamentary system and the increase in popular influence

In this era, the voice of the people grew ever larger. This means that we can now demand that new elections be held.

Period 9

Time of world wars

Are you quiet for two minutes on May 4th? It's very important to commemorate the war. By being quiet, we hope that history does not repeat itself.

Period 10

Time of television and computer

Do you think history is a long time ago? No, i'm not. Even today, things can happen that will forever be mentioned in the history books.

Period 10 Time of television and computer

European integration

Important decisions are being made in Brussels. But who does that? What's the name of that organization? Europe has only started working together in this period.


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