Period 9

Time of world wars

Are you quiet for two minutes on May 4th? It's very important to commemorate the war. By being quiet, we hope that history does not repeat itself.

Period 9 Time of world wars

The totalitarian nature of the communist political system

What do you do if an idea doesn't work? Then you come up with a new idea. In the era of the world wars, they sought an alternative to democracy.

Period 9 Time of world wars

The racist and totalitarian nature of National Socialism

Bullies are often very insecure. You can see that in history. The Germans did terrible things because they felt very insecure.

Period 10 Time of television and computer

Cold War and the block-making between East and West

The cold war. After the Second World War we have always been afraid of a 3rd world war. For years there was a real threat of a world war.


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