Period 2 Time of Greeks and Romans

Citizenship and scientific thinking in the Greek city-state

Did you know that democracy is not modern at all? The ancient Greeks gave the people the chance to talk about important decisions 2,500 years ago.

Period 6 Time of regents and princes

The pursuit of monarchs for absolute power

We all have a bad day. But a disaster year? 1672 went down in history as a disaster year. We were attacked on all sides.

Period 7 Time of wigs and revolutions

Slave labour on plantations and the rise of abolitionism

Unfortunately, slave labour still exists. In the history of the Netherlands there was also a lot of slave trade. The Netherlands has made a lot of money from it.

Period 8 Time of citizens and steam engines

The political-social movements nationalism, liberalism, socialism, confessionalism and feminism

Do you follow politics? It's very complicated sometimes. There are a lot of currents with different opinions. These arose in the period of the 19th century.

Period 9 Time of world wars

The totalitarian nature of the communist political system

What do you do if an idea doesn't work? Then you come up with a new idea. In the era of the world wars, they sought an alternative to democracy.


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