Period 1 Time of hunters and farmers

The emergence of the first urban societies

Do you know what kind of profession you want to pursue later? If you had lived at the end of prehistoric times, you had no choice, you were a farmer or a craftsman.

Period 4 Time of cities and states

Rise of urban bourgeoisry and increasing independence of cities

Have you ever moved? Everyone is now free to live wherever they want. In history, you had to buy yourself free first if you wanted to live in the city.

Period 7

Time of wigs and revolutions

Has anyone ever asked you if you wanted to get rich quickly? The Dutch of the 18th century wanted that. They were going to trade slaves.

Period 7 Time of wigs and revolutions

Slave labour on plantations and the rise of abolitionism

Unfortunately, slave labour still exists. In the history of the Netherlands there was also a lot of slave trade. The Netherlands has made a lot of money from it.

Period 8 Time of citizens and steam engines

Modern imperialism

History gives you many answers to questions about today's world. Does it even make sense that English is the most important language in the world?


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