The European integration

The epoch of the television and computer began in 1950. Several European countries decided in 1951 to work together. They founded the European coal and Steel Community. Netherlands also made part of this community. Also France, Belgium, Luxembourg, West Germany and Italy took part. All these countries had coal and steel to rebuild their country after the war. It seemed to them the best to trade together. Work together would prevent a new war.

If you now the Dutchman (for example) want to travel to Italy, you have no passport. A European identity card is sufficient. The borders between the European countries are very thin. Also we pay all with the same currency; the Euro. Not long ago, in 1993 was all this yet. When you had to show your Passport if you are a European border put out. Also you had to swap out your money. All European countries had their own money. These changes are so very recently created. But they do have permanent changes in the history. The decision to do this was made by the European Union. This is the successor of the European coal and Steel Community. The European Union is a very important organization in this epoch.

The European Union is starting from 2013 from 28 countries. This number will continue to grow for the time being. But not all countries are charged with the Euro. In 2012 there were 10 European countries that still have their own currency. If a country wants to officially change to the Euro should be meet certain requirements. For example, the national debt should not be too high. The countries must solemnly promise that they do not ensure that the Euro will drop in value. They promise this in a stability pact. But as of 2009 it turned out very difficult for many countries to adhere to this pact. Many European countries had too much debt. This decreases the value of the Euro. If the value of the Euro drops have all Euro countries suffer from.

But the European Union has not only ensured that there came a single currency. Because although the EU originally began as a collaborative, nowadays it is much more. However, they have still the same idea; they want to avoid ever another great war breaks out. This is all too often in history happened and we want to so ever again. By working together and all together to form one Government they hope that this can be prevented. The partnership is also very important worldwide. The European countries are reasonably small. All together, they are not much larger than very India. Europe has more power than Netherlands only.

To ensure that all European countries can form a single powerful voice there is a central Government in Brussels. Here are laws for Europe. In some cases it is very useful. As new laws on, for example, the fisheries have to be made, it is helpful that all countries sitting together so they can make arrangements together here. But sometimes a central Government not as convenient. Some issues such as health care and agriculture like most countries prefer to regulate themselves.


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