Time of world wars

The first half of the 20th century started black and gloomy. It is the epoch of the two major world wars. Still think we each may 4 to all the people who have not survived the second world war. On May 5, we celebrate that this war is over and we hope that there is never such a war will come.

But why we remember World War I not? In the first world war are also a lot of people have lost their lives. Primarily men. The women stayed at home. The war found himself mainly on the ground. In trenches. So not in the cities. Aircraft already existed, but the technique was not yet sufficiently advanced to be able to throw bombs. Fortunately.

Netherlands was neutral during World War I. That meant not only that they do not want to fight. It also meant that they have no side chose. In the first world war the centralen fought against the allies. The allies consisted of 26 countries that protected against the army of Austria-Hungary Serbia. The Crown Prince of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated by a Serb. This was the reason for the war. Austria-Hungary was supported by the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

The Ottoman Empire had pretty good the loss suffered as a result of this war. He existed at the end of the war no more.

After the first world war, a difficult time. Still knew a lot of people to make the best of it. Especially Netherlands had much advantage of the fact that they had remained neutral in the war. Founded in 1917, an artists ' Association. They called themselves the style. They wanted to radically change the art. There were painters and architects in this association which today still very famous. The paintings of Piet Mondrian and the architectural style of Gerrit Rietveld have made history. They have many people affected.

Yet it was the style in a very nasty period in history was established. In the 1920s, there was a major economic crisis. Many countries had loss suffered due to the first world war. Even Germany had to pay millions because they were designated as a cause of the war. Many people lost their jobs and had no money left to buy food.

Of course, the poorest people in this epoch the most vulnerable. They were the hardest to endure. However, the Jewish community had not that much burden of the crisis. Thanks to new laws they were emancipated. They had gotten more and more rights. The old laws had ensured that they are mainly concerned with trade in money. They have very long no other work may do so because they were not citizens. Now they emancipated if they were also studying. Did they like and they were good at it. In the time between the two wars were a lot of Jews in the trade or had an academic job. The Jews in this period belonged to the richest groups of people in Europe.

Especially in Germany got one so more and more hate the Jews. They found that the Jews emancipation was a bad idea and thought that the Jews were the cause of the crisis.


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